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Examples of Low-Paying Research Studies To better understand the compensation for Phase 2-4 trials, it may help to understand the investigational product the trial is studying. For example, a trial for a potential multiple sclerosis medication may require longer visits, more intensive symptom tracking, and one-on-one visits with neurologists. Alternatively, a vaccine study, such as a COVID-19 vaccine or RSV vaccine study Meridian is conducting, may require a few visits that only require a medical exam, administration of the investigational vaccine or placebo, and blood draws.

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the sanctuary, a private website, is available for posters of alt.mothers, a usenet newsgroup. the sanctuary is a place to share personal photos, and private thoughts, that members don't wish to post publicly on usenet.
  1. invitations to the sanctuary will be issued on a quarterly basis, in february, may, august and november. the invitations will be issued at the beginning of each quarter. you must be a consistent posting member in alt.mothers for a minimum of 2 months prior to your quarterly invitation. for example, if you begin posting on march 15 and the next quarterly invites will be issued on may 1, you will need to wait until the following quarter, which would be august 1.
  2. if you wish to receive an invitation to the sanctuary, please contact the site administrators
  3. because we consider ourselves to be like a family, we wish to stress that we are a very diverse and open-minded group of gals (and a few guys!). please, be considerate of the other posters in the group. access to the sanctuary is not a right, but a privilege.
  4. if a poster begins to harass, troll, or otherwise disrupt the group, a vote by the other members will take place to remove your access to the site.
  5. anyone that chooses to leave the alt.mothers newsgroup may be removed from the sanctuary by the admins.
  6. we understand the nature of newsgroups, and realize that some members may choose to move on to other groups. if a member moves on and is no longer posting in alt.mothers, access to the sanctuary will be restricted. if you choose to return as an active member of the newsgroup and wish to have access again, an invitation will be issued during the quarterly invitation process.
  7. members not logging in or actively participating for a period of 60 days will possibly be deleted. if one wishes to remain on the site but is unable to log in or participate due to extenuating circumstances (real life interfering, computer problems, etc.) try to let an admin or other member know so you won't be deleted.
  8. problems with the site should be reported to the webmaster

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there are many acronyms used on the newsgroup. some are found only -- or primarily -- in parenting newgroups, so even if you've been around the block a few times in other ngs you may have trouble knowing 'ttc'! if you are a true newbie, then you may find many acronyms strange and unknown. for that, try a search engine for 'acronym usenet'. you should turn up many lists. i tried to put most of our commonly used ones here. there are others in use but they tend to be of a more personal nature then widespread. l

dd - dear/darn daughter
ds - dear/darn son
dh - dear/darn husband
dw - dear/darn wife
mil - mother-in-law
fil - father-in-law

afaic - as far as i'm concerned
afaik - as far as i know
btdt - been there, done that
btw - by the way
fao - for attention of
faq - frequently asked questions
ffs - for fudges sake
<g> - grin
hand - have a nice day
hth - hope that helps
iirc - if i recall correctly
imo - in my opinion
imho - in my humble opinion
irl - in real life
lmao - laughing my ass off
lol - laughing out loud
op - original poster
ot - off topic
otoh - on the other hand
pml - pissing my leg (from laughing)
pov - point of view
rotflmao - rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off
rotflmao - rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off
rtfm - read the fine manual
tia - thanks in advance
ttc - trying to conceive
ttfn - ta ta for now
ttyl - talk to you later
vbg - very big grin
wtf - what the fudge!
wrt - with regard to
ymmv - your mileage may vary

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Amazon does have its own reviewer program called Early Reviewer Program and Amazon Vine. But you need to be selected by Amazon so they will send items to you for free. Keep writing your review and make sure they are all unbiased and valuable, get more helpful votes to increase your reviewer ranking, then you may be chosen by Amazon someday.

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